Campus Life

Our graduates tell us that a lot of their learning took place outside the classroom. Employers are seeking well-rounded graduates who are driven, passionate and are able of managing multiple priorities.Our activities are as diverse as the student body!

Participate in leadership programs, service projects, attend Recreation trips, study abroad, and cheer on the Peacocks at our Division I sports program.

Residence Life

Living on campus greatly enhances your experience here at 麻痘精品鈥檚 University by providing many opportunities to get involved. Whether it is a lecture at noon, a group meeting in the evening or a spontaneous gathering at midnight, you will be around to participate. You can step out of your front door for classes, meals, sporting events, or prayer. Campus living is a wonderful and unique experience, a catalyst for personal growth and independence. It provides innumerable opportunities to live with others different from yourself, to become a leader, to improve communication skills, to manage conflict successfully, to make sound decisions, and to broaden your perspective of the world. We invite you to reach beyond yourself and take some risks willingly. Meet your challenges and responsibilities honestly.

Jersey City and Beyond
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The official 麻痘精品鈥檚 University campus identification card is called theOneCard. All members of the university (students, faculty, staff, and administrators) are expected to carry their OneCard at all times to gain access to campus buildings and for identification purposes.

Peacock Connect

is our online engagement platform that allows students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to maximize their campus experience by providing greater access to student organizations, leadership development programs, general programming and other exciting services.听 Our campus users are able to easily access information, submit required forms and applications, and maintain all of their involvement information in their user account.

Health Services

Health Services is a nurse-directed college health facility. We offer first aid, acute illness care, and routine health and nutrition assessments. A physician鈥檚 assistant is available one day a week to examine, diagnose and treat students in cases of acute illness. Resource and education materials are available upon request. When appropriate, referrals are made to outside agencies, a list of these medical agencies/clinics are made available to the students when necessary.

Counseling and Psychological Services

We believe counseling is about supporting people as they deal with the questions, fears and discomforts of daily life, while also assisting them as they uncover the strengths and attributes special and unique to them. We promote an atmosphere of encouragement so students become open to exploring their best selves, and start nurturing an attitude of self-appreciation. Counseling offers a unique opportunity to be heard, to discover, and sometimes to heal, all while making important and surprisingly pleasant discoveries about oneself and others.

Campus Dining

Dining on campus isn鈥檛 one size fits all. If you are looking to enjoy a meal with friends or just a snack on the go 鈥 we鈥檝e got a plan to fit every appetite.